Bounce Houses

On this page you will find a great selection of our Bounce Houses that we rent. They are fun and affordable and will definitely liven up any party for both boys and girls. Our units are always the main attraction to any party, or event. We only offer commercial grade, top quality Bounce Houses that are manufactured in the United States. There made of 18oz vinyl with four columns of air to support the netting around the cushion and a roof to help shade the occupants to provide more stability. Our units are filled with air by a blower that plugs into a standard outlet and operates continuously to keep it inflated. Our professionally trained staff will deliver and set up our unit then go over rules and safety measures to ensure a fun and safe party. When your done simply turn off the blower and let the Bounce House deflate on it’s own. We’ll pick up our unit at the scheduled time, and your party will have been successful! We require that you provide adult supervision to the kids in the Bounce House at all times.

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